Applications in the Medical Industry

Paperless Solutions Group's proprietary technologies, FillableFormssm and ClickWrap eSignature patent pending offer the medical profession valuable efficiencies never before available.

HIPAA laws, US Patriot Act regulations, and the large volume of Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid forms in use every day create significant costs and time-burdens throughout the medical industry. Paperless Solutions Group's technologies can save time and money, as well as speed many processes, some of which can be life-critical.

Currently in use by the University of Florida College of Medicine and its Shands Teaching Hospital network throughout Florida, FillableFormssm and ClickWrap eSignature have streamlined the release of medical records and the certifying of health professionals' compliance with HIPAA.

The UF model works as follows:


  • UF/Shands patient needing medical records released logs onto Shands Website
  • Patient pulls up 'Medical Information Release' form
  • Patient completes form online via FillableFormssm
  • Patient is prompted to sign form via ClickWrap eSignature
  • Patient clicks 'submit' which hashes form and prompts patient to save and/or print copy of completed, signed form
  • Patient's physician(s) receive email alerting that records will be released per patient.
  • Medical Release Form (completed and signed) is sent to UF/Shands database via secure XML stream.
  • Data is merged into UF/Shands work flow.
  • Records are retrieved.
  • Records are uploaded to secure server.
  • Patient's physician is sent email link and password to retrieve records.
  • Patient is emailed when records transmission is complete.


  • Near real-time
  • Paper-less
  • Eliminates mailing, faxing, data re-entry, lost/missing/incomplete forms
  • Saves time and money


  • Health Care Professional (HCP) logs onto Shands Website.
  • HCP pulls up HIPAA Compliance Certification form.
  • HCP completes form via FillableFormssm.
  • HCP signs via ClickWrap eSignature.
  • HCP clicks 'submit' which hashes document, prompts to save and/or print, and sends via secure XML to UF/Shands.
  • Data from document is merged into UF/Shands workflow.
  • Document is saved as electronic copy.
  • HCP receives email confirming receipt of document from UF/Shands.


  • Real time.
  • Paper-less
  • No physical storage.
  • UF/Shands receives data (including signature) and PDF (for later paper copy if needed).
  • Saves time and money.
  • Convenient. No mailing, data re-entry, lost forms.


Other applications include any medical form that needs to be completed and/or signed, any document, the data from which needs to be ported into a database/workflow.

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