Entering the 21st century, an ever increasing portion of human communication is carried out in electronic form. As a result, the use of electronic signatures and their authentication is becoming a necessary component of documents. With the establishment and expansion of the European Union, most European countries have coordinated and standardized the legal requirements for the use of electronic signatures. This development, in turn, makes it feasible for Paperless Solutions Group to cultivate the enormous possibilities of the European market in an efficient manner, utilizing our state of the art software.

At the present time, we are in the process of reviewing the legal requirements of the European Union governing the use of electronic signatures. We are also adapting our software as needed to meet those legal requirements. The use of electronic signatures is spreading in the governmental sector, i.e. tax returns, voting, as well as the private sector, including the legal, medical, financial, and other arenas. Our goal is to enter the European market as soon as possible, so as to maximize our potential success and earnings. As opportunities are cultivated in other markets and regions, they will be adapted to and pursued.

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