Applications in the Government Industry

Paperless Solutions Group's proprietary technologies, FillableFormssm and ClickWrap eSignature offer government entities and agencies valuable efficiencies never before available. Applications include:

  • Collection, verification, and authentication of online signatures on voter ballot initiatives.
  • Permitting and application forms.
  • Requests and inquiries.
  • Voter registration.

Use of FillableFormssm and/or ClickWrap eSignature will significantly reduce the cost of all these uses. The example of voter ballot initiatives is illustrative.

Traditional methods include printing of large volumes of the particular initiative or issue to be decided; distribution of same, and the collection -- usually via 'feet-on-the-street' workers -- of elector signatures; manual verification of same; packaging and faxing/mailing of signature sheets; entering of signatures (usually via key-stroke) into database. Typical cost: $3.00 to $6.00 per signature.

Using Paperless Solutions Group's technologies, this process would look like this:

  • Ballot initiative placed on Website for reading/printing by interested electors.
  • e-Signature prompt asks elector to enter ID data and sign via CursiveOnLine.
  • Entered data can be compared against 3rd-party database; real time.
  • Signed document is hashed.
  • Elector prompted to save and/or print copy of signed document.
  • Signature and validation data ported to receiving entity's database.
  • At petition volumes approximate cost per signature can be as low as $.50,
    compared to a reported national average of $7.00 per " blue ink" signature.


  • Significant savings of money and time.
  • Real time.
  • Secure.
  • Verification, validation.

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