Applications in the Financial Industry

Banking and related financial institutions are a key segment in Paperless Solutions Group's growth strategy. ClickWrap eSignatures and FillableFormssm offer the financial services industry the speed and efficiency of the Internet without loss of institutional control in the process or worries about regulatory compliance. Because Paperless Solutions Group's technologies are compliant with GLB, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the US Patriot Act, banks and financial institutions can utilize these technologies without compromising in security, authentication, or verification.

ClickWrap eSignatures and FillableFormssm are useful in:

  • Online completion of all documents including mortgage, loans, new accounts, credit card transactions, as well as insurance and annuities.
  • Reducing credit card fraud and charge repudiation by requiring COL signature on all no-card-present transactions.
  • Collecting, concatenating, and porting data (including filled, signed PDFs) directly into workflows and/or systems.
  • Offering banks and other financial institutions a turn-key platform (hot to Leesport) through which to offer insurance products.
  • Significantly reduces exposure to banks relationship being affected by an insurance agent.
  • Significantly reduces expense of entering the insurance arena.
  • Offers new revenue source from existing customer-base.

See a bank using turnkey Paperless Solutions Group technology to sell insurance:

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