Some of the distribution channels that Paperless Solutions Group hosts are:

  • A.S.A.P. Automated Straight-thru Application Processing
  • JusTerm.net
  • TermXchange.com
  • VirtualInsurance.net
  • Leesport Financial Corp.
  • AccuQuote
  • Shands Teaching Hospital at the University of Florida

Presently all the channels listed above utilize the VirtualInsurance Sales System. The VirtualInsurance Sales System is an E-commerce marketing strategy that combines:

Web Presence: via web sites tailored to provide insurance quotations from multiple carries, in a state specific and state compliant manner.

FillableFormssm: enabling the prospect to move seamlessly to the status of applicant, via the use of either 'Short Form' or state compliant 'Long Form' applications.


  • Captures a user's eSignature via the mouse, touch screen, or stylus
  • Then embeds that signature to an encrypted PDF form for printing or distribution.

The Virtual Insurance Sales System (VISS) offers agents, wholesalers, and insurance companies a turnkey platform for quoting and selling various insurance products online. VISS can be branded for specific carriers and/or distribution channels.

The FillableFormssm and ClickWrap e-signature products are solutions that can simplify and enable business in many different verticals.

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