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Paperless Solutions Group is the successor to MARKETech, Inc. having acquired MARKETech's assets in August 2012. Among those assets are the tools, software and knowhow powering the company's peerless automated forms management platforms and the many derivative sales and service products supported.

We are a technology development and marketing company. Most notably we have lead in the development of three Internet technologies that address the logistical needs of the Information Technology Industry. These technologies are:

  • FillableFormssm - A proprietary method for manipulating PDF documents to create a paperless system that meets the stringent requirements of highly regulated industries.

  • Electronic Signatures Featuring
  • ClickWrap - Robust authentication of signator per specification, signature placed via a randomly generated code. With detail of every affirmative action archived in the signature log.
  • A partnership with Voice Signature - Allows people to affix legal signatures to complex transactions, using their voice. While resolving the dilemma of the "four corners doctrine".

Paperless Solutions Group began operations as an insurance agency licensed in all 50 states representing a variety of major carriers.

Early on we saw the inevitable convergence of the Internet and the Insurance Industry. The state of Internet technology in 1996 was insufficient to meet the strict and continuously changing needs of this industry. Paperless Solutions Group undertook the development of necessary technologies to render the Internet an efficient and effective tool for the marketing of insurance products.

From this beginning we gradually shifted our insurance emphasis away from sales to that of a technology provider for individual agents wanting to incorporate Web-based efficiencies into their practices, as well as for large Direct Marketers and application fulfillment organizations.

The "Virtual Insurance Sales System" was created as a platform for the sale of insurance products, incorporating FillableFormssm and ClickWrap eSignatures.

The Virtual Insurance Sales System is a complete process for insurance companies and their network of sales agents to sell insurance using the Internet. Applications are completed using FillableFormssm intelligent software, and signed by applicant and agent via ClickWrap eSignature. Advantages to insurance carriers and agents are substantial.

Although development work will be a continuous and on-going process as improvements are made, the basic development work was completed in 1999. Since then numerous companies have chosen to use our technologies to market their products. These existing applications are not limited to the insurance industry.

Currently we serve clients and customers in

  • Life Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Education
  • Healthcare

Paperless Solutions Group is in process of developing customers in Government, Legal, Canadian and European verticals.

The Paperless Solutions Group Team

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